Macedonian companies in the Belt and Road Initiative: enhancing cooperation, leveraging opportunities

Implementation period: January – March 2020

ESTIMA, in cooperation with the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, conducted research aimed at determining the potential for economic cooperation within the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The specific research objectives include:

  • to understand the perceptions, needs and ambitions of Macedonian companies in the context of the global Chinese-led Belt and Road Initiative and the regional cooperation platform between China and Central and Eastern European Countries 17+1;
  • to analyse the current state of play regarding the existing and the planned policies for economic cooperation with the People’s Republic of China;
  • to examine the options to use the existing possibilities within the BRI and 17+1 for promoting the bilateral and multilateral economic cooperation;
  • to propose specific activities aimed to improve the overall economic cooperation between China and N. Macedonia that will prioritise the needs of the business community.

The first part of the research consists of a questionnaire that can be found here:

The second part consists of a series of focus groups with Macedonian companies, and the third part consists of a series of interviews with policy makers and other relevant stakeholders.

Read the full research report in English or Macedonian.

For more info available in EN/CN/MK/FR please contact us.