Building Better Together: Improving the Governance of Large Infrastructure Projects

This project aims to contribute to the improvement in the governance of large infrastructure projects (LIPs) in North Macedonia by expanding the scope of stakeholder inclusion in all the phases of the LIP cycle. It puts forward the premise that the inclusion of civil society, municipalities, the business sector and media alongside national institutions, donors and lenders in the policy and decision-making processes could lead to more transparency, accountability, efficiency and sustainability in the spending of public (taxpayers’) money. 
Specifically, the project will aim to:
- Identify the key shortcomings in the governance of LIPs in North Macedonia and provide recommendations how to address them by focusing on the (potential) role of different stakeholders – national institutions, municipalities, CSOs, business sector and media in the project cycle management and decision-making process;
- Raise awareness among the above-mentioned interesting parties about the coordination process of LIP implementation, their respective role and the potential avenues to provide their input into the policy and decision-making processes.
For that purpose, the proposed activities include the development of a policy paper – LIP Stakeholder Toolkit as basis to enable and empower different stakeholders to engage, as well as the organization of 8 regional events to reach out to all relevant and concerned parties and support their strengthened involvement.

The toolkit is available 

The project is funded by the French Embassy in Skopje and is implemented jointly by ESTIMA and the Association of the Finance Officers of the Local Governments and Public Enterprises.